How to create the perfect reading nook

2 years ago
2 minutes

When you live a busy life, half an hour with a good book in hand becomes a luxury. And there’s nothing more relaxing and comfortable than creating a cosy reading nook where you can escape with your favourite novel. 

Here are a few tips on how to create a restful reading nook in your home.




Where are you likely to feel most relaxed? In your bedroom or the living room, or perhaps the spare room or study? It’s important to place your reading nook away from noisy areas and places where you usually work, otherwise it’ll be easy to get sucked into daily activities again. The corner of a room is great because you can make it as private or as open as you like. Or, better yet, near a window so you can bask in natural light and enjoy the view as you turn the pages.




Everything revolves around the kind of seating you choose, so think carefully about how you’d like to relax in your reading nook. Do you want an armchair you can sink into or would you prefer a big bean bag with lots of pillows? If you’ve got the space, buy a chaise lounge so you can spread out and put your feet up for the ultimate comfort. 




If you want to relax in your nook at night, you’ll need both a great reading lamp as well as ambient lighting to create a calming atmosphere. Opt for an adjustable floor lamp which you can place behind your chair or to the side, and direct the light as needed. To create the best mood lighting, buy a small side table with drawers (for all your stationery and spare books) and a desk lamp with decorative shade.




Surround yourself with textural things that give you comfort. Think plush throws or knitted blankets and soft pillows in the patterns and colours that make you feel safe and warm. According to colour psychology, blue hues create a feeling of calm contentedness, while warm yellow tones evoke warmth and happiness.




One of the most important elements when creating a reading nook is ensuring it feels like a different space to the rest of the room. A rug is a good boundary marker, and if you’re creating the nook in your bedroom you can use your dresser to block off one side. If you’re light on furniture consider using curtains as a room divider.

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