How to decorate your new apartment for Halloween

1 year ago
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The spooky season is almost upon us. For those spending this Halloween in a brand new apartment, here are some tips to help you decorate your space for Halloween.

Select a theme

Halloween decorations that follow a ghostly theme. Image source. 

To ensure ease when planning for Halloween, you should select a theme. The theme might be something as simple as ‘clowns’ or a more elaborate theme such as ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  Deciding on a theme early on can clarify what you will need before you head out to source items. Once its time to decorate, having a theme can also create a cohesive narrative and intrigue throughout your space.

Source your items

A secondhand store is a fantastic place to start sourcing pieces for your Halloween décor. Here, you can often find a variety of unique items that you will not find elsewhere, such as scary dolls and creatures. Keep an eye out for creepy secondhand porcelain dolls, especially those dressed in gothic outfits.

Supermarkets and second-hand stores around Australia often stock Halloween decorations around this time of year as well. Here, you can typically find all the stock standard Halloween items like pumpkin baskets to collect trick-or-treating lollies, fake cob-webs, and skeleton paraphernalia. 

Create zones and work with the space that you have

Pumpkins piled up for the ultimate Halloween atmosphere. Image source. 

Divvying up your apartment space is a great way to ensure that it stays functional and guest-friendly whilst adorned with all things Halloween. To keep your new apartment easy to navigate during Halloween, you might want to only decorate certain sections or rooms. If your apartment has an entryway with a bench and coat hooks, this is an excellent zone to concentrate on decorations.  

Consider introducing larger statement pieces such as a cauldron. A large kitchen island is another great area to go all out with decorative displays.

Explore different height arrangements

Draping and layering fabric throughout your new apartment is a great way to introduce a moody ambience to your space. This is an especially excellent idea if you’ve only recently moved into your new apartment and furnishing is still in progress.

Exploring different heights when arranging embellishments such as fabrics, fairy lights, and spider webs is the way to go, especially if you don’t have much horizontal surface area or floorspace to play with. If you want to maintain your new walls, opt for removable fasteners such as Command hooks to hang Halloween decorations.

Use lighting to create mystery

Candle light emanating from a pumpkin-inspired candle holder. Image source. 

Considering Halloween falls just before sunny summer here in Australia, you might want to put a few heavier or blackout curtains up to make things feel a little less cheery. 

Arrange lanterns and safely located candles around your apartment to set up a spooky mood in your apartment. Playing with reflective surfaces and lighting arrangements, such as placing lights in jars, can add to the atmosphere of your Halloween décor. 


It’s hard to pass on the iconic pumpkins when it comes to accessorising and dressing your new apartment for Halloween. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty and carving out a real pumpkin, there is an extensive range of ornamental pumpkins online that you can peruse. Fake bats are another staple Halloween accessory. 

Halloween is a time full of fun and creativity. When it comes to decorating your new apartment for Halloween, the opportunities are endless. 

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