How to design your child’s room

5 years ago
2 minutes

Designing your child’s bedroom can be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do in your home but it can also be difficult to ensure the space remains versatile enough to grow with your child. How do you balance practicality with creative and beautiful design?


Before you jump straight in, think about how you’re going to design the room to respond appropriately to your child’s age, and how long you want it to last before you redecorate. 

Map out a budget, hit up Pinterest for ideas and cut corners by DIYing wherever possible — Instructables has some great step-by-step and easy to follow projects. And the best part? If your child is old enough, this is something you and your child can do together!


Don’t let your child talk you into painting the room a bright pink when you know full well that next week their new favourite colour will be green. You can compromise by using a bright colour on a feature wall and keeping the other walls a more neutral colour.

Alternately, you can add style and flair by using wall decals — it’s more affordable and less permanent than painting walls, and there are many companies who are creating amazing products. Zanui has a cute range of smaller decals, while The Wallsticker Company has a range of patterns and themes which can cover entire walls. 



Choose durable, multi-functional furniture your child can grow into, rather than buying into trends of the moment.

Loft beds are a great idea, as they give you additional space below to create a study zone for when your child starts school. We love this loft bed from Ikea which has an in-built desk, plus additional storage on its side. Or, if you think you’ll be hosting future sleepovers for your child’s friends, then invest in this loft bed which you can fit another bed or mattress underneath. 

For furniture which doubles as storage, we like this kids table and chair set which can be reconfigured in a variety of ways.


Children are constantly growing, and as they get older their personal styles and tastes change but one thing remains the same — they’re always going to need storage. Invest in classic and timeless storage in neutral colours which can be dressed up or dressed down by accessories. 

We like the range of cube storage units at Australian store Mocka, which features a classic mix of timber veneers and a white colour palette. You can buy felt baskets in a variety of colours to use as inserts.

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