How to fight the flu season in your home

5 years ago
3 minutes

It’s that time of year. Everyone on public transport is sniffing and coughing and colds are wiping out people in offices. The good news is you can fight off the cold season in your home using these simple tricks.


The number one way of catching a cold is through direct contact, which is why it’s so important to keep your hands to yourself and make sure you wash them thoroughly. 

For extra insurance, keep hand sanitiser in active spaces in your home, such as by the front door so you can remember before you leave the home, in the kitchen before and after cooking, and near where you sit in your living room.

Air purifier

Did you know indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s worth investing in air purifiers.

In Essence’s IE: Winter Protect Pack uses a blend of lemon and eucalyptus essential oils, both of which are used in aromatherapy to support healthy immune system function and enhance immune defence. You can leave it running in the lounge room or in your bedroom — or buy two and have one in both spaces.


Clean regularly

When the cold and flu season hits, allergies tend to flare up and this can weaken your immune system. It’s important to rid your home of dust and dust mites — microscopic pests which live in bedding, pillows, mattresses, stuffed toys, upholstery, and carpets.

In winter, you should vacuum regularly and wash your sheets at least once a week at a high temperature to kill these pests. Make sure you change the filters in your heating system every three months and if you have pets, wash them once a fortnight to cut down on dirt (which dust mites can feed on).

Freshen up

Fresh air is good for you, that’s a no brainer — but how do you balance letting in fresh air and not letting your home get draughty and cold?

When you first wake up, open the windows in your bedroom and bathroom and run the bathroom’s exhaust fan. This will help pull stale air out. Once you’ve finished getting ready for the day, close your windows again. Repeat this process at night, when you’re getting ready for bed.

Stay warm

Never underestimate the power of keeping warm — especially when you’re feeling run-down and feel like you might be catching a virus. An SBS study has found that when your core body temperature dips below 33 degrees, key immune system proteins, known as interferons, can be impaired. 

But staying warm can be costly. Invest in a portable electric blanket and make sure you always wear thick socks as heat escapes from the feet and head first. For extra measure — and comfort — buy a good, fleecy dressing gown to snuggle into when you’re watching tv, and consume hot drinks like herbal teas.

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