How to furnish your new home from scratch

3 years ago
3 minutes

You’ve bought your first off-the-plan apartment, construction is finished and you’ve completed settlement. 

You pack up all your things, ready for the move, but the only problem is the assortment of furniture you’ve collected over the years doesn’t seem appropriate for your new home. 

We have some helpful tips on how to go about furnishing your new home from scratch.


1. Your style

Off the plan apartments usually feature neutral palettes which can act as blank canvases for your own style… but what if you don’t know what your style is?

Hit up Pinterest and see what other people are doing, flip through home and lifestyle magazines, or talk to friends about what they’ve done for their homes. If you still have no clue what your personal style is, a good rule of thumb is to use your new building’s facade as inspiration. For example, if the building has taken cues from the natural environment, you should buy furniture with timber detailing or earthy tones.

2. Break it up

Starting from scratch can seem especially intimidating when you are faced with your new home as a whole, which is why we recommend furnishing room by room.

Choose which room is most important to you, and immerse yourself in the task. And remember, your rooms don’t have to match. If you like soft pastel quilt covers and cushions in the bedroom, but bold coloured furniture in the lounge room, then go for it!

3. Choosing your furniture

Statement pieces such as beds and couches can impact how a room feels. Whether you’re buying secondhand or brand-new, it’s important to make sure you choose the right fit.

There is a massive range of mattresses out there. From Posturepedic to memory foam and water beds to air beds, it can be hard to work out what you like. Visit a few different furniture stores and try out the mattresses there, or ask your friends and family for advice.

Couches, meanwhile, are all your choice. Only you know what kind of sofa you prefer to relax on. Do you prefer three-seaters and an ottoman? Or maybe you’ve always loved the idea of a cozy two-seater and a matching armchair. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t rush this decision. Never underestimate the importance of the perfect seating for movie nights at home.

4. Take your time

While it’s tempting to tackle the whole apartment all at once, slowing down can actually be beneficial. The more time you spend in your new home, the better you’ll get to know the spaces. And as you do, your ideas of how you want to style your rooms may shift, or you may find new inspiration.

Now you have the essential items, you can leave things such as rugs, storage, lighting and wall art for a couple of weeks or months. Your home will still look amazing without them.



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