How to get your home ready for the holidays

2 years ago
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The holiday season is here, and so is the stress that so often comes with it. Whether you’re decorating your home for a day of celebrations, or just to get into the festive spirit, planning ahead can be of great use! 

Focus on the main spaces 

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Decorating an entire apartment or townhouse is a lot for anybody to take on. Focus instead on decorating the main living spaces of your home. This is where guests will spend the majority of their time, so it only makes sense to focus your decorating efforts here. 

Place feature decorations like a Christmas tree or menorah in your living room so that this is where your guests naturally gravitate. Areas like the entryway, bathrooms and front porch are also prime locations to decorate your home. 


You may have clutter, or valuable items that you want to put away whilst your guests are over. Investing in some boxes or storage baskets that can be hidden away will allow you to gather up these items and store them away safely until the holidays are over. 

Holiday scents 

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Placing holiday-scented candles or aroma diffusers throughout your home is a subtle way of adding extra festive cheer to your home. Whether you’re spending a relaxing night at home curled up on the couch with a holiday movie, or hosting a big party with all your friends and family, holiday scents will create a positive atmosphere. 

Do a deep clean 

Everything is bound to get a bit messy with guests coming through your home, so it’s best to do a deep clean beforehand to eliminate as much pre-existing dirt as possible. Vacuum your carpets in a zig-zag pattern to ensure you reach every crevice. Dust each item of furniture one at a time to get rid of as much as possible. Instead of using a feather duster, capture dust with a soft cloth dampened with water. This will eliminate dust without simply sweeping it onto another spot in the room. 

Prepare the spare bedrooms 

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You may have family or friends staying with you for the holidays. Make sure that they are comfortable and have everything they need by preparing your spare bedrooms beforehand. By taking the time to tidy up the guest room with clean blankets, pillows, toiletries and towels, your guests will feel thankful and welcome whilst staying in your home. 

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