How to give your living room a tech upgrade

5 years ago
2 minutes

For many of us, the living room is the heart of the home. We relax here, gather with friends and family, host parties... You can enhance the experience of your wonderful space and make it easier to keep clean with these innovative gadgets.

Enhance your entertainment

After a busy day, sometimes there’s no better way to relax than in front of the television. You may already have a smart TV but do you have the equipment which will make watching the next episode of Game of Thrones a surround sound experience?

Masters of all things sound-related, Bose has a range of high-quality soundbars and home cinema surround sound systems which will bring out the best in your entertainment. The Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar sits at the affordable end of the brand’s range and will transform your viewing experience so your next movie night will be unmissable.


Take control

Streamline the experience of your lounge room even further by installing smart home gadgets like Amazon’s Echo Dot. Set this device up in your living area and discover the world of voice activation. Use the voice-controlled speaker in combination with Alexa to ask for music, news, information and more. You can also use this device to control other compatible smart home devices. 


Working in conjunction with Alexa, Logitech’s Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App have been voted the best universal remote of 2019. You can use this device to control up to 15 home entertainment and connected home gadgets. The full coloured touchscreen is super easy to use and the associated app which comes with the product turns your tablets or smartphones into personal universal remote controls for the whole house.

Breathe easy

Now that you’ve sorted the entertainment side of your living room, it’s time to focus on other elements like improving the air quality. A well-made air purifier can dramatically increase your health — it increases blood circulation and can strengthen your immune system. This is especially true if you’ve been known to suffer badly from hayfever or asthma. Check out InovaAir’s range. The Australian-owned company’s products have been Asthma Council Approved and are guaranteed to improve the quality of air in your home.

credit: InovAir

An air purifier won’t work unless you have a clean home to begin with but it can be hard to keep up with daily household chores. This is where a robotic vacuum can streamline the process and free up your week so you can spend more time on more enjoyable activities. 

The Eufy Slim Robot Vacuum is an affordable, well-reviewed product which cleans your entire home for 100 minutes per charge. It can navigate ledges and steps, and can also detect moisture so it knows when to avoid wet spots.

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