How to host the ultimate AFL Grand Final party in your apartment

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The AFL Grand Final is an exciting event on the calendar of many Australians. This year will see the Geelong Cats face the Sydney Swans. Whether or not your team is in the Grand Final, it’s a day that is best spent celebrating with friends and family. 

If you’re hosting a Grand Final party at your apartment, these are just a few things you can do to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Place your orders 

Image of helium balloons. Image source. 

If cooking and baking aren't your thing, consider placing your orders early for some treats on Grand Final day.

In Melbourne, you could consider ordering a cake from Brunetti. The best part is you may not even need to order one of these cakes, as both the CBD and Carlton stores have a range of cakes available in store.

If you’re in Sydney, perhaps swing by La Renaissance café in The Rocks, where you can find a number of delectable sweet treats. 

For decorations, helium balloons are a great way to create a celebratory atmosphere. Order balloons in the Sydney or Geelong colours, depending on which team you are barracking for. 

Source alternatives to breakables  

Grand Final day is an exciting day for many, and one where things can easily become animated. Whether it’s your friends screaming at the umpires or your neice and newphew kicking a footy, something is bound to get knocked over. 

Being realistic means you can prepare for those tipsy topples and drunken drops. It’s a good idea to ensure you are stocked up on paper or plastic cups, cutlery, plates, and bowls before the party. Just ensure you keep the glass out of sight. 

Buying a few disposable cameras is also a fabulous idea for your party. Not only do these prevent your precious camera from mysteriously ending up in the punch, but they add fun and create cool throw-back style photos. Scatter a few of these cameras throughout your apartment for people to grab throughout the night to capture the highs and lows of the match. The Kodak Flash 27 Single Use Camera is a good example of these popular cameras  and is available at Big W.

Finger food’s the go

Delectable mini meat pies, perfect for your Grand Final apartment party. Image source. 

Finger food is the way to go for most of your AFL Grand Final apartment party food. Classic footy grub like pies, hotdogs, and chips are a must-have. For those with a balcony, fire up the barbecue as well. 

If you weren’t able to pick up a cake or two but are still wanting some sweet goodness for your guests, you could always just get a few tubs of special ice cream from somewhere like Piccolina Gelateria, which also offers fantastic vegan options. 

Enjoy the playfulness of the theme

Grab a banner or two to hang from your apartment walls and buy some streamers to go with those helium balloons. You could also make team-themed food and drinks and organise some games such as trivia for the party. 

Ensure drinks can be easily self-served

Friends celebrating with a drink. Image source. 

You don’t want anything fiddly distracting your guests from the game. Keep drinks simple. Consider buying a beverage dispenser or two so guests can help themselves to drinks. Opt for wine, soft drinks, and water to save yourself the hassle of making drinks. 

Plan for little ones 

If you have kids coming to your AFL Grand Final apartment party, ensure things are set up to keep them happy and comfortable. You might want to set up a play table for the kids to have fun during the game. 

Reconfigure your space

Before everybody arrives for your ultimate AFL Grand Final 2022 apartment party, ensure you reconfigure your furniture in the most convenient arrangement for the day ahead. Move as much as you can up and off the floor, especially around the television. 

Last, but not least, have a stash of robust garbage bags, plenty of paper towel, and some soda water on hand in case anyone spills something on soft furnishing. Then all that’s left is to kick back and enjoy the match.

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