How to pet-proof your new apartment

2 years ago
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Pets bring continuous joy and are valued members of many families around Australia. With apartment living becoming an even more sought-after lifestyle for people of all ages, pet-proofing your apartment is a must-have skill. Whether your pet is old and slow, young and rambunctious, big or small, pet-proofing your apartment is the key to avoiding stress and maintaining order in your apartment. 


Protect your carpet

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Anyone who is accustomed to living with pets will know that, if not protected, carpet can be quickly ruined. Whether you’re renting your apartment or own it, replacing and mending carpet can be a nuisance. 

Particularly for those with cats or dogs, protecting your carpet from the moment your pet enters the apartment may help you avoid a lot of future trouble. Plastic puppy pads often do the trick, ensuring your carpet isn’t damaged in the process of training your puppy. Anti-chew spray can be an effective deterrent to animals chewing on your carpet, as can taking them for longer walks in the evening. 



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Leaving your pet at home can be stressful for many, whether it’s the first or one-hundredth time you’ve done so. Young puppies or kittens can be particularly mischievous when left to their own devices inside an apartment, which is why a gate is a useful investment for pet-proofing your apartment.

A gate will confine your pet to a secure and safe zone while you’re gone, meaning that they’ll be safe and sound and so will your apartment. 


Organise your possessions 

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Organisation is the key to keeping any apartment clean and tidy, but it’s particularly important when your apartment is home to pets as well. If you’ve ever experienced your shoes being eaten by your dog, or your cat treating your t-shirt like a toy, then you’ll know how important it is to keep things securely stored away. Putting clothes and shoes in tightly sealed boxes, or up high at a level your pet can’t reach will help keep them out of your pets path. Similarly, ensuring you have any food or medicine that is toxic to your pet stored securely away will help ease your mind knowing your animal can’t access anything harmful. 

Avoid stress and ensure you and your pet’s well being by pet-proofing your new apartment. A few small changes can make a world of difference! 

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