How To Use All The Space In Your Apartment

8 years ago
3 minutes

When living in an apartment, it is only logical to use the limited space you have very wisely.

We must save space as much as possible as some apartments require some careful interior planning. 

Be sure to use the maximum vertical spaces and horizontal spaces available. 

Command Hooks 
These little lifesavers are damage free hanging solutions that are perfect for those renting apartments and those looking to hang almost anything.

These little sticking hooks can hold up to 3kg, and can be used for a variety of things such as in the hallway to hang keys, to avoid clutter.

They can hang picture frames or canvas’s on walls. Importantly, where the TV, command hooks can hide the cables to give your apartment a tidier look. In cupboards in the kitchen, you can stick command hooks to the cupboard and organise pot lids on the cupboard doors to save space inside the cupboard for more pots and pans. In the bathroom, you can mount your toothbrushes on these little hooks, to avoid clutter on the bench putting your toothbrush there. 

Bed Risers 
This is an extremely ideal way to raise your bedskirt off the floor and instantly create additional underneath storage space. 

This opens up space for storage tubs, boxes and any other items that you don't want seen.

Not only does it create a vast amount of space for storage and removal of clutter in the bedroom, but also the benefit of an elevated sleep space. 

Storage Racks 
This organiser keeps your daily essentials, favourite accessories and other items within reach and in the same space.

Storage racks are easy and perfect to hang over the back of a door or cupboard, saving you space and hiding away things that look messy. They come with multiple hooks and storage trays to help you stay organised.

They can even be used on the pantry door, to stock spices and herbs or other condements. It gives the back door an excellent storage possibility with a door and wall rack system, adding that tiny bit of extra space in your shelving system.

Tension Rods 
Tension rods are a cheap and easily removable tool that are great for awkward and small areas. 

Fortunately for renters, they do not damage walls, closest or cabinets, and can be used for a variety of things. Under the kitchen sink, a tension rod can be used to hang cleaning products in an orderly manner looking organised and tidy.

In your bedroom, you can create a masterpiece with your shoe collection. In the laundry or kitchen, it can be used for paper towels in a cabinet so it is easy to use! The tension rods are nothing but helpful to create space and clear clutter in your home. 

Floating Shelves
Who doesn’t love a good floating shelf? They are the perfect essential to help to revamp your walls and showcase your favourite accessories! Perfect for basically any room; bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, kitchens.

This stylish and practical feature has an unseen mooting system that saves you space and looks beautiful.

Floating shelves truly are the most elegant way of displaying framed photos, collectibles and books.