How you can help bushfire victims

4 years ago
2 minutes

The devastation that we have seen since September 2019 due to the unprecedented fires burning across the country has been heart-breaking.

Before Christmas, we shared some information on how you could help to support bushfire victims who were displaced over Christmas

We have now compiled an updated list of links through which you can donate, offer to volunteer, and assist organisations who are doing amazing work supporting bushfire victims and wildlife across the country. 

Airbnb Open Homes - free housing for disaster victims 

If you have space in your home or a holiday house to offer people who have lost their homes in the bushfires or emergency workers fighting nearby fires, you can register as a host through Airbnb’s Open Home initiative. The process is simple, and it could make a big difference in someone’s life over the coming weeks.

Click here to find out more or list your home

If you have been displaced, you can request to book free accommodation through the same link

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams are responding to devastating bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland as an unprecedented number of emergency-level fires cause tragic loss of life and property.

You can donate here 

State Fire Authorities

It has been reported that state fire authorities around Australia have suffered funding cuts, including a $12.9 million cut to the NSW Rural Fire Service. 

You can donate directly to the heroes fighting the fires here: 



Red Cross

The Red Cross has set up an emergency fund specifically for bushfire victims, as well as organises volunteers and other much needed relief services.
You can donate, volunteer and learn more here.



Vinnies has set up a Bush Fire appear, allowing you to donate both goods and money. They have created donation tiers to help you understand exactly what your donation level will help with, such as food and items for evacuated families. 
Learn more here.


Wildlife Rescue 

It has been reported that we have lost hundreds of millions of animals over the duration of the bushfires, and many are in dire need of rescue and care.

Wildlife Victoria 

WIRES New South Wales 

Fauna Rescue South Australia 

Every little bit counts!