How your apartment design can affect your mood

5 years ago
3 minutes

We live in our homes every day, so it should come as no surprise that interior design can affect our wellbeing. Scientific research has proved natural light in living areas, and an abundance of natural surrounds can instantly improve our state of minds. On top of searching for apartments in your ideal suburbs with all the amenities on your checklist, here are some key features you should keep in mind when buying off-the-plan.



Natural light may be the last thing on your mind when you’re dazzled by a prospective new home with luxurious amenities or designer kitchens with composite stone benchtops. You may be focused on the high-end tapware in the bathroom or the size of walk-in robes, but it’s important also to consider how much natural light will fill your living areas.

Research has proven natural lighting helps people to become more productive, happier, and healthier. In fact, natural light has been proven to regulate bodies prone to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sunlight is the primary way in which we receive vitamin D, necessary for almost all vital body functions.

With this in mind, when you search our Sydney apartment listings to find the right fit for you, keep an eye out for a couple of things – you can be sure that apartments listed as north-easterly facing, and those with floor-to-ceiling windows, will lend an abundance of natural light to your apartment. These homes at Discovery Point, Wolli Creek are a good example.

Natural surrounds


Do you have plants in your home? Have you ever noticed how the presence of flowers, or potted ferns, can improve your mood instantly? The evidence is in the research — spending time in, or surrounded by, green spaces will dramatically increase your overall wellbeing. That’s why it is so vital to ensure your new apartment will have access to greenery.

Lately, developers like the Arden Group have been enlisting expert landscapers to cultivate green communal rooftop spaces, or integrated garden beds in individual apartment balconies, as seen at Moda, Kellyville. They realise the importance of being surrounded by nature.


Ever heard the phrase ‘clean house, clear mind’? It has been proven that living in a home that is free of clutter will help us sleep better, eat better and be more productive. But to have a clutter-free home, space and storage are essential to ensure you can put everything in its rightful place.

Many people think apartments are small, but this is a myth. Brilliant architects all over Australia are creating innovative designs that intelligently maximise space while existing within limited parameters. Mezzanine levels create high ceilings on the lower level of an apartment, while elongated balconies that seamlessly flow into living areas create a feeling of expansiveness.

Arlington Grove, Dulwich Hill and The Mason, Belfield feature generously proportioned balconies or terraced gardens with spacious, open floorplans.

So, when you search for your new off-the-plan apartment make sure you remember to keep an eye out for three things: natural light, natural surrounds, and maximisation of space — ensuring life in your new home is healthy and happy.