Hyperloop - the physical internet at Pause Fest 2016

8 years ago
2 minutes

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Where do our futures begin? Well, there is a strong case in point to answer that with, Pause Festival 2016.

The southern hemisphere's SXSW equivalent, Pause Fest highlights, discusses and promotes entrepreneurial initiatives and genius that focuses on our futures.

It will be here, in Melbourne, that Bipod Gabriele Gresta, the CEO of Tesla-inspired Hyperloop Transportation, that many ears will be keen to hear.

What is Hyperloop?

Prepare yourself.

Hyperloop started in 2013 when Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla, suggested that a new form of transport could be made that would allow passengers to catch a ‘train’ that goes over 3 times faster than an aeroplane.

Ultimately, the Hyperloop is a futuristic train that travels through vacuum sealed tubes, being propelled along by magnets.

The Hyperloop is projected to travel at speeds of over 750mph (1200kmh), and will transform how we live completely.

Travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Glasgow to London, or Sydney to Melbourne, would take no longer than 30 minutes on the Hyperloop, whereas it can take up to 1hr 30 minutes on an aeroplane.

This means that someone living in Melbourne, could work a normal full-time job in Sydney, and be back home earlier than as if she were working in Melbourne’s CBD.

Many have questioned the safety, but the engineering isn’t the issue here, it is the design. It was only on Sunday 31st January 2016, that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) designed a model that would work. It is argued that most train accidents were caused by human error, and it is here, that Hyperloop have, controversially, decided that computers will drive the vehicles.

Unlike aeroplanes, these Hyperloop transport vehicles will only travel on one ‘track’ - limiting the margin for error.

How will the Hyperloop change our outlooks on investment opportunities? Will the implementation of this technology change real-estate forever? 

If getting to Melbourne from Sydney only takes 20 minutes, then why would those residing in Sydney limit their outlook to just NSW?

Instead of a state-by-state real estate sector, Hyperloop would make it a coastal market.

Hyperloop is currently building multi-mile long test tracks in California - and with the oversight of Elon Musk, a man who has a net-worth of over $20b AUD, there is seemingly no limit to the possibilities here on Earth.

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