IKEA launches furniture range for pets

6 years ago
1 minutes

This week, IKEA released a range of furniture specifically crafted for those who consider themselves both interior design enthusiasts and pet lovers – a range for cats and dogs.

IKEA’s entourage of Scandinavian designers have long had almost exclusive influence over how we furnish our apartments. But could this new range be their first step in moving up the food chain in the pet furniture industry?

The decision to launch the range was taken very seriously, and the designers were keen to create products that combined IKEA’s iconic, minimalistic aesthetic with bespoke functionality designed around cats’ and dogs’ individual habits.

With a total of 75 products, “made for our four-legged family members”, the LURVIG range has certainly been well thought-out.

The dogs range includes bowls, leashes, toys and a sofa that is curiously similar to one a two-legged family member might sit on.

The cats range includes cushions, travel bags and a scratching mat – presumably to keep all of your human IKEA products unharmed by your feline friend.

Unfortunately, unlike their new video suggests, pets are not actually allowed into IKEA, but it’ll be worth leaving them in the apartment for a few hours if you can get your hands on some LURVIG.

We wait with bated breath for the range to hit Australian shelves and hope that by the time it does, the LURVIG range will be even better. When the news breaks, we’ll be checking the forecast for the next Sunday when it’s raining cats and dogs to head straight to IKEA to get a flat-pack pet-flap for Whiskers and Woofers.

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