Ikea's Space10

8 years ago
2 minutes
Ikea launched a secret operation in Copenhagen last week.
The new innovation lab, aptly named Space10, has been created to explore the future of home design - a project that will attempt to push the boundaries to home technology and general liveability.
Ikea will partner with design innovators all around the world in an attempt to recognise and test prototypes, to eventually make it available to the everyday consumer. 
The team at Space10 has created a its first project called Fresh Living Lab, that will see Ikea partner up with 12 designers from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The projects idea is to improve the death and wellbeing in city environments, both for the user and the planet.
“We feel a real connection to the bigger purpose of Space10,” said Ikea concept innovation manager Göran Nilsson.
“Ikea already does a lot to improve the lives of many people, and with Space10 we hope to that this vision even further.”
First up is the Heat Harvest device, which can be integrated into pieces of furniture to divert heat generated by electronic goods or hot tableware to recharge phones - additionally the smART will hang on the wall, as a piece of art, and will alert occupiers to their use of water and electricity but losing colour in the actual painting.
They have also created The Cloud Burst faucet - a shower head and system that glows red to let the user know when they have used the allotted amount shower time, in an attempt to preserve water. 
Continuing the emphasis on environmental preservation, Space10’s most brilliant concept is the Vayü window attachment. This device will open or close the windows in your apartment depending on the pollution levels outside. This is attempting to make us not rely on our air-conditioning or heating as much, and embracing the fresh air outside.
More will follow with Space10's progressions and innovations - there has been no word yet on when and if these products will enter the consumer Ikea market.