Ikea's Wireless Charging

9 years ago
1 minutes

We are currently living in an age where mobile phones dominate our attention and our lives. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, messaging and web-browsing are the main functions of any smart phone, and with that excessive use, comes battery draining.

Thankfully, and affordably, Ikea are due to release wireless-charging furniture that can charge a smartphone (iPhone or Galaxy) by just placing it on the furniture. 

“With the help of our wireless chargers, we make charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots. We enable convenient charging throughout the home, designed for your personal needs. At the same time, we make homes more beautiful by minimizing the use of cords. Nobody likes cords, yet everyone wants a fully functional home. With our wireless chargers, it’s possible to have both,” said Björn Block, IKEA Range Manager for Lighting and Wireless Charging.

Designed to seamlessly merge with existing furniture, as well as Ikea’s new range, it is simple, subtle and can fit in with any crowd.

“I wanted them to blend in easily in the home, but it’s equally important that the pads are easy to use. The result is a charging pad with a simple yet interesting design, that can be used in many places across the home,” said designer David Wahl.

The wireless products, due to release in Australia soon, are the following:

  • Nordli - another nightstand
  • Varv - a floorlamp
  • Varv - table lamp
  • Riggad - a work lamp
  • Nordmärke - a single (or triple) charging pad for any location
  • Jyssen - a wireless charger pod that can fit in existing Micke + Stuva desks



These products are currently available in the USA and UK, with an Australian launch and release due in the near future.