Our favourite indoor trees to green up your home

2 years ago
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It's nice to be well into Spring! The season is marked by lots of new growth and blooms - we're talking about plants of course! If you've been inspired by the spectacular gardens at some of our off-the-plan properties, and are looking to bring a bit of nature inside, now is the best time to do it! Here are some of our favourite trees that will thrive in your new apartment or townhome. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

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You know the one - Fiddle Leaf Figs seem to have become a staple in any interior stylists repertoire and have graced many magazine covers. Also known as Ficus Lyrata, the bold foliage is captivating - making it the "it" plant of the last decade. 

Although they can grow to be massive outdoors, pot-bound Fiddle Leaf Fig trees will remain a manageable size, perfectly suited for the indoors. This beauty needs a premium potting mix when planted indoors to give it a little extra boost. Make sure you allow the soil to dry out completely between watering to avoid root rot. 

Thanks to its West African roots, this plant is highly drought tolerant meaning that overwatering is the most common issue. 


Rubber Tree

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The Rubber Tree, also known as Ficus Elastica, is an evergreen tropical tree that comes in several varieties. While the Robusta and Decora varieties are usually the more common ones, some members of the family also add a splash of colour with the Tineke and Tricolour varieties. All varieties look amazing with their waxy leaves and are easy to propagate. 

Place yours in a shaded spot in your home and water when the soil starts to dry out. Rubber Trees are suited to any living space where you spend a lot of time in as it purifies the air of toxins. 


Bird of Paradise

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Carrying the Latin name Strelitzia Reginae, this tropical beauty is hugely popular thanks to its distinct orange flowers that resemble the showy forest bird of the same name. It hails from South Africa and can bounce back from neglect fairly easily. Although they are regularly planted outdoors, they also fair well indoors. Place it in a position that receives a lot of sunlight, water when you remember to and you will soon have a strong, happy and healthy plant. 


Japanese Maple

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Japanese Maple trees are immediately recognisable by their colourful foliage, creating a striking focal point in any home. Also known as Acer Palmatum, these trees naturally grow enormous but can also be trained for bonsai. 

The deciduous woody plant features leaves ranging from red to crimson to orange to yellow. During cooler months place yours in a well-lit spot where it will enjoy full sun but move to a shaded spot during summertime. Japanese Maples aren't fond of hot and dry conditions so water regularly during the warmer months. 

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