Industrial Design In Your Home

8 years ago
2 minutes

Interior inspiration can come from almost anywhere, and it all depends on your style, and what you're really up for.

When it comes to apartments, the industrial side of interiors is often an attractive style, as it is renowned for its simplicity and minimalism.

The Industrial Revolution caters for the home decorator, for the professional stylist, for the cafe man or the everyday passer. 

Offering an array of products found from a variety of sources around the world, The Industrial Revolution have an eclectic selection of Vintage and Modern industrial furniture, decor and objects of desire. 

Three showrooms located in Hawthorn, Armadale and RIchmond, The Industrial Revolution also have an online shopping website where you can explore the products of the practical and impractical, which have been re-fashioned to provide a purpose in any home. 

If you are looking for some extra storage space to pack away some things before the New Year brings more items into your home, take a look online at some of the storage items The Industrial Revolution have to offer. 


A beautiful and colourful piece to brighten up any room, with a practical purpose to hide away some of the kids toys or some of your old objects you cant let go of yet.  



This funky industrial chest, is a great way to quickly chuck away some left over things before guests arrive. With three removable metal tubs, you’ll love this piece in any room.  



Available in white and rust, not only is this practical for when you walk in and out of the door, but also allows a cleaner space in your apartment to hang up your jackets and scarves as soon as you walk in, thus avoiding a messy and chaotic space. 



This piece is extremely popular and practical. With seven drawers varying sizes with different drawer handles and colours, this will be a statement piece in your apartment, and very handy for storing things, or even to be used for your clothes.