Inside Your Living Room

9 years ago
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Welcome to this three part series of ‘Inside Your Living Room’,  where I will break down the important elements of the living room space and explain why you are having certain difficulties making it your own beautiful abode!

These are easy steps and you do not need to be an interior designer to design and love your living room.

Why is the living room such an important space in our homes, and steps we can take to improve our spaces.

For most of us, the living room is the centre of our home, our daily interactions are based around entertaining, dining, relaxing and residing, all of which takes place in this particular area.

My secert to a great living room is...wait is there a secret? But really, the placement of furniture, the home-wares and the accessories all affect the overall feeling of the room.

Firstly, I tend to gravitate towards living and kitchen spaces – for me, a sun filled area is imperative in creating a comfortable environment to look at and to be within – I can never get enough sunlight in a living room. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, then I investing in mirrors will create more! Mirrors will reflect and increase the light in the room, giving the illusion as though the room is light-filled.

Secondly, each individual has his or her own style and aesthetic, so personality has a big role in a great living room - your own beliefs should infiltrate your surrounds, as not only will it be more comfortable, but more honest.

Accessorise and use specific colours that suits your own taste!

An open plan living room means an integration between the kitchen and the family living. The kitchen is a communal space, even if Mum wants everyone out of the kitchen when she is cooking, but, objectively, it is really beautiful space, that will encourage communication when two people are doing completely opposite things.

When designing the layout for an open plan space I always like to play with the placement of dining and lounging spaces. Because so much entertaining takes place around an Island bench and so often around a coffee table, I like to look at working against the conventional placement of the ‘grand’ dining table adjacent to the kitchen area. In some cases, when presented with more space I will let the open kitchen run into the living, offsetting the dining area. In other cases I like to combine joinery of the living room into the dining space – e.g  A floating shelf becomes a bench seat for the table.

One of my clients' biggest issues are they do not know how to appropriately utilize the size of their space through the furniture chosen.

We can successfully create illusions of how large or small our homes are by the furniture we choose to style with. Using items that are too small for larger areas, or alternatively furniture that is too big for compact spaces, does not do a room justice - leaving it feeling empty and cold, or cramped and cluttered.

My rule is to make sure you can comfortably move between furniture, there isn’t too much space but you are not trying to squeeze in between either.

Smaller areas whilst are limited with space, are not limited in creativity or ideas - a small room can still feel spacious if the space is planned and laid out with the appropriate interiors.


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