Interior design predictions for 2019

5 years ago
2 minutes

With the new year well underway, it’s time to look at what trends will be prominent in interior design.

Pastel colours in kitchens

Up until recently, neutral colours have been favoured in the domestic heart of the home. Designers have preferred to add pops of colour through cabinetry, but now we’re seeing pastel surfacing.

Dulux has released a palette of soft pastel colours called Dream in its trend forecast for 2019. The reason? The design and colour specialists who chose the palette discovered an increased desire for relaxation among homeowners. Pastels were chosen for their aesthetically soothing qualities, with the hope that using them will encourage residents to take a step back from their busy minds and enjoy a moment of stillness. Given that kitchens are areas of activity, and can sometimes be highly stressful when cooking large feasts, they are the perfect spaces to paint with the new colour scheme.


Art Deco

Designers have been favouring the organic materials, simple forms, practical furniture, and neutral colours of Mid-Century Modernism. But this year, the glamorous stylings of Art Deco are set to take the spotlight.

Think bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks mixed with silver, black and chrome accents. Furniture will be strong and streamlined, with no frills. Florals and plaids are out, solid colours and geometric designs are in.

Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Lovers of Mid Century Modernism need not panic, as we are going to see a rise in this kind of furniture utilised in outdoor spaces. The trend, which we saw glimpses of in 2018, is going to hit a peak in 2019, transforming outdoor spaces into comfortable retreats.

Design cues include webbed detailing, sling-back chairs, turned legs on tables, and paired-back colours like warm browns and navy blues.

Black is the new white

Bathrooms have traditionally showcased neutral colour palettes but now, according to designer Kesha Franklin, of Halden Interiors, dark bold bathrooms are the new white (as seen above).

This trend evokes a sense of sultry decadence, so when it’s time to indulge in a long shower or soak in the bath, you’ll feel as if you’re in a high-end spa retreat.

Modular living

Previously seen in offices and shared working spaces, pods are making appearances within the home. Primarily timber-clad, these modular features are a great way to separate a room and act as a perfect private retreat.

No empty space

As the price of property rises, it’s no surprise people are wanting to utilise every square inch of the home. Architects and interior designers are now transforming under-stair areas, end of joinery gaps, alcoves and even below-ceiling spaces into designer wine storage, play areas and display spaces.