The Interior Perks Of An Ensuite Bathroom

8 years ago
1 minutes

Having an en-suite bathroom is of course an absolute luxury.

If you are lucky enough to have one, then you must decorate and design it properly to create an opulent space for an ultimate getaway experience. 

With your own privacy from your bedroom to your bathroom, and easy ability to slide out of bed in the morning to only walk a few steps to the bathroom, is ultimately a dream come true. 

This way, you don't have to worry about keeping the bathroom clean and pristine 24/7, like you do with the main bathroom. Rather than a public space, the en-suite is just for you, full of your character and finishing touches to reflect your style in a private manner. 

If you have the space, you should definitely consider an en-suite bathroom. Not only does it benefit you, creating more personal space from house guests and other roommates, but also adds value to your apartment. 

Since it is your own bathroom and your own space, you can decorate and design it as you wish. Be sure to think about the size, storage space, fittings, if you have a shower and a bath or just a shower, mirrors, sinks, tiles, accessories and more. 

Use every inch of the space in the en-suite wisely. A walk in shower provides a neat point of entry and doesn't use as much space as a built-in shower. 

When it comes to colours, choose complimentary colours so that the colour scheme is chic, modern and stylish, and therefore you can decorate it with smaller pieces and colourful artwork.