The Interiors Tip To Rule Them All

8 years ago
2 minutes

The Interiors Tip To Rule Them All…

Getting stuck occurs almost daily to all those who are trying to struck that creative nerve.

And it is no different when you are trying to either design a room, or dress up its’ interiors.

So what is it that many interior designers keep to themselves? Well, the trick is, to name the room.

‘Name the room, you say?’

That’s right, actually name the room to fit the personality you are trying to figure out.

If a name such as ‘Sherlock Holmes’ appeals - then at least you know you are going to use rich woods, Victorian antiques, and dark tones throughout the room - maybe even a top hat and tobacco pipe on a desk?

Similarly, when choosing the name for the room, consider exactly what you want for it - if you want it to be a Hawaiian themed bar, then maybe name it ‘The Tiki Torch Luau Room’ - yes it sounds ridiculous, but as soon as you start refining furniture or ideas to that name, you will suddenly realise how easy it is to eliminate some things, rather than end up with a collection of themes. And whilst we strictly suggest that you do not do a Tiki themed room in your apartment, this tip at least gives you the ability to.

In order to create the space, you must identify with it, and then appreciate it. If the space is treated like a person, then you can then start to address its personality and style.

As my mother has always said, ‘It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you stick to a style’.

Having a name attached to a room, and a personality attached to a name, helps almost anyone designing a room, be it a novice or a seasoned professional, keep focus. 

As you slowly but surely siphon through what’s good and what’s not by holding the idea up against the name (and personality) and seeing if it suits.