Is apartment living all about positives?

5 years ago
2 minutes

With so many Australians making the decision to switch to apartment living, the vast majority of those who have embraced the move have nothing but good things to say about it – a fact which is evident in the number of apartment developments being created in our major cities.

Let’s take a look at some of the best bits of the apartment lifestyle.


Apartment living is one of the safest, most secure living options around. Nobody’s going to be cracking open your window when you’re ten floors up, and the fact that you are on floors with other apartments means thieves are less likely to risk being seen.

In many larger apartment towers, there’s often a concierge with someone sitting in the lobby as an added security measure. All of which means your home will be safer and you’ll have greater peace of mind whether you’re out for the day or on holiday for a month.

Convenient location

Most off the plan apartments are located in highly convenient spots. Inner-city locations mean you’re close to great amenities, entertainment, retail and dining options. 

Quite often it’s this vibrant lifestyle that attracts buyers and tenants to apartment living, where most people get around on foot. When everything is on your doorstep, the basics of everyday life are so much easier.


image: Penny Lane

More time to spend on you

Ask anyone who has to commute for an hour at both ends of the day and they’ll tell you it can be very draining.

Living in an inner city apartment means you can likely get to your place of work in under half an hour via handy public transport or a much shorter drive.

Low maintenance

An off the plan apartment is brand new, freshly built with everything in perfect condition. You’ll enjoy many years where you don’t have to undertake any maintenance tasks. 

This is something many buyers are particularly drawn to, and when you hear horror stories of homeowners spending their weekends fixing up problems with their older established properties, it’s easy to see why.


You know how great it is to stay in a luxury hotel with a pool, gym, spa and relaxing areas to lounge in? These days you’ll find a lot of these features in an apartment development.

Search through the projects on our site and you’ll be blown away by the quality and scope of some of the luxury inclusions many apartment buildings are offering. These are all included in owners corporation fees, adding many layers of value to the apartment lifestyle. Goodbye gym membership. Hello upgrading your fitness plans without leaving the building…