Labor Gov's Apartment Design

9 years ago
2 minutes

The Andrews Labor Government is taking action to improve apartment design so future buildings meet resident needs, promote the best in urban design and improve Melbourne’s liveability.

Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, launched a discussion paper – Better Apartments – to kick-start a city-wide conversation with community and industry voices to shape apartment design guidelines.

Mr Wynne said we need to encourage a higher-standard of apartment design to avoid poorly designed homes lacking space, light and ventilation.

In Melbourne alone, another 480,000 apartments will be needed to accommodate a projected population of 7.7 million by 2051. Already, apartment development has surged. There are more apartments approved for city towers than there are for detached houses in the outer growth areas.

“Melbourne is set to house almost 100,000 new residents each year, and we need to plan for that growth," said Planning Minister, Richard Wynne.

“This is the first time the planning and property industry, government and the public have been brought together to talk about the type of apartments we should be building.”

“We need to encourage a higher-standard of apartment design to avoid poorly designed homes lacking space, light and ventilation.”

“This is more than establishing minimum standards, it’s about keeping pace with how people want to live.” 

Surging apartment numbers have prompted the Minister for Planning to make sure planning guidelines keep pace with the shift to more apartment living.

Better Apartments will give industry and the community the chance to work on a balance between affordability and liveability.

There is an incredible opportunity to house more people in apartments close to jobs, transport and services around inner areas, such as Fishermans Bend and E Gate.

Outer-suburban employment hubs and regional centres will also accommodate more apartments. The Andrews Labor Government is committed to ensuring the next generation of housing stock is as enduring as the last.

Better Apartments is one part of the Minister for Planning’s work to deliver considered long-term planning solutions based on transparency and consultation.

Discussion paper submissions are due July this year. Community forums and industry roundtable events will also be held. Draft guidelines will be released late-2015 and a final report handed to the Minister mid-2016.

Information about Better Apartments is available at