The Landscape Skyscraper

9 years ago
1 minutes

We are seemingly getting comfortable with oddly designed, or progressive, skyscrapers. They may be curved, may have a variety of colours, or may be rather obtrusive.

However, this new skyscraper design, whilst it is all of the above, is remarkable in concept.

As the winners of the 2015 Skyscraper Competition from eVolo, Polish architectural firm BOMP’s Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Konrad Basan and Jakun Pudo have designed an inner city eco-system…all within the confines of a skyscraper.

This building gives a new meaning to the ‘concrete jungle’ - as there is actually a jungle inside. This skyscraper, named Essence, has taken an extremely active aim to create modern day living with nature and earth - offering landscapes such as jungles, oceans, cave, waterfalls and mountains to offer exploration.

The proposal is an urban mega-structure that contains diverse natural habitats. The skyscraper would serve as a place to briefly escape urban life  and stimulate diverse and complex experiences.

Each level will represent the Earth’s ecosystem and environment, with 11 landscapes included within the tower. 

Designed with a translucent shell, this will allow in as much natural light as possible, and would also stand out in any cityscape.

It is important to remember that this is a concept, and whilst there is still some guesswork as to how to manage some of these concepts, its principal, that nature shouldn’t be eradicated from busy central cities, is more what is important.

These winners, BOMP architecture, will receive a $5000 grant, have their plans turned into full 3D model and visualisation, as well as a state of the art press kit designed for them that will be distributed to the best architects, developers and moneymen in the business. 

Whilst we don't expect this to be designed in the next year or two, 2025 could see concepts like this come to life.