The Latest Tech Trends For Your Home

8 years ago
3 minutes

Everyone likes the convenience of technology – and it doesn’t just refer to radio waves or things that require batteries, it can refer to almost any advancement that will help your life at home.


The Vitamin C Shower Head Adaptor

Sounds healthy and rejuvenating doesn’t it? Yes they exist, and yes they are affordable. Leonardo DiCaprio’s apartment in Manhattan has these installed in all of this bathrooms.

Whilst you may think it is for directly rejuvenating the skin, what the filter will do, is remove any chlorine found in the water before it hits your face.

These filters contain environmentally friendly materials and use a pharmaceutical food-grade Vitamin C, making it safe for the use on anyone.

The filters usually last around 10,000 litres of water, so they require a change around once every three or so months. Click here to find one in Australia...



This is an auto-rocker. No not a customizable and portable Keith Richards, but a baby seat that will look after your child whilst you are cooking or reading a book. It will set a rock at a rhythm you suggest, and will even play a song or playlist of your choosing.

Whilst we aren’t too sure how much we trust this, but it may offer that 20 or 30 minutes that mums can dedicate to themselves.

They aren't cheap, but if you find it useful, it could make up for the money in time saved! Click here for more.


Laser Robot Vacuum

Whilst that does sound like I’ve just chosen three random words at will, they do exist. These little vacuum robots use lasers to map and detail a room, be it a dining room table, or a floor lamp, and make sure they do not hit them, but are able to clean as close as possible to them.

With a variety to choose from, Neato Robotics’ vacuums are by far the most popular, and will cost you around $500aud to secure one.


Ethanol Fireplace

Does your apartment not have a fireplace? If so, do not fret as there is a solution to your worries.

An ethanol fireplace is portable, safe, environmentally friendly, and emits heat. These look fantastic, and can be moved throughout your home.

Eco Smart Fire offer a range of designs and products, and are delivered built – all you need to do is unpack the box, put the ethanol fireplace where you want it, and fill it up! These usually hold fuel for around 4-5 hours, so plenty for a dinner party, or watching a movie on the couch.


Thermal Gun

Now this may just be a gimmick to many, but for those, especially those with a bit of curiosity and DIY about them, it may be worth a look.

Thermal guns are able to detect multiple things and really depend on which one you buy.

For those looking for an easy and cheap alternative, the Black and Decker TLD100 detector can tell if your water is leaking in your pipes, or if heat isn’t staying insulated – these usually cost around $70, and let you know by a blue (cold) or red (warm) notification light.


The Flir i5 is a true thermal camera, that will be able to tell you almost exactly what the problem is – these used to cost around $7000, but are now available for around $1500.