Leonardo DiCaprio's Apartment

9 years ago
1 minutes

Leonardo DiCaprio has never been a man of little-pleasures. Whether he is seen partying on a yacht in the Mediterranean or advocating the realism of climate change, his new apartment is by no means understated.

DiCaprio recently purchased a $10m USD apartment in Greenwich Village and whilst the price-tag isn't news-worthy, nor the fact that he has bought an apartment, but what is inside really is interesting.

The ground floor apartment is a modest two-bedroom, two bathroom unit, with open plan livings and state of the art utilities. 

The two bathrooms are incredibly designed, but the showers are eye-catching...they produce Vitamin-C infused water to keep his skin silky fresh.

The water and air throughout the apartment is purified through its own system. The air purifier is equipped with a scent to provide aromatherapy to those living inside.

As you wake in the morning the 'dawn simulation' circadian lighting system, designed to slowly wake you over the course of half an hour, not only wakes you so you're fresh, but also makes waking up that little bit easier.  

Also, as you walk from your bedroom to the bathroom, the posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring also removes the aches and pains associated with walking on hard floors.

To top it all off, there is a wellness concierge available to you which will help you plan and stick to your wellness regime.