Let There Be Light!

8 years ago
2 minutes

Whether you’ve bought your first apartment off the plan or brand new, moving into your new place is an exciting time full of unpacking boxes and making plans for transforming your new apartment into your home.

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your space. Here we’ll look specifically at some of the best lighting options available for making your home warmer, brighter and bigger.

You need different lighting for different areas of your apartment. In the kitchen for example, having the appropriate task lighting over workbenches is important for cooking and food preparation. Whereas in the lounge room there’s less of a focus on this and more attention is needed to create an inviting atmosphere through ambient lighting.

Atmospheric lighting

Lamp lighting and accent pendant lighting is the ideal way to create that ‘warm’ glow in any room of your home. Harsh overhead lighting is not ideal when you are winding down after a long day so having a decorative lamp on your sideboard or next to your bed can create a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Choose lamps and pendant lights that have personality. Look at the current accents in your home, your furniture and your colour scheme and select something that stands out, yet fits.

Open spaces using lights

The brighter a room is, the larger it can appear. Utilise natural light as best you can by making sure window aren’t cut off by furniture items or heavy drapes.

For small spaces

Low hanging lights and ceiling fans can take up too much room and make your living and dining areas look cramped. Free up space by installing down lights that seamlessly integrate into the ceiling without bulking up the room.

Track lighting is also popular right now for the same reason. It’s also a versatile lighting solution as you can move the lights along the track to position them in such a way so that they highlight important internal features of your home or spotlight artworks and photographs.

As an electrician installs the lights you’ve selected and you purchase lamps and other lighting features for your home, you’ll quickly find out what your favourite lighting accents are, and how to incorporate them in each room of your new apartment. 

By Katie Preston Toepfer, author, creative writer, copywriter and content coordinator for GoLights.com.au.