Let Your Kids Draw On The Walls

8 years ago
2 minutes

Painting a chalkboard on a blank wall is the perfect family-friendly way to add personality, colour and interaction to a room or home. 

If you have a spare little patch of wall or an otherwise boring space, why not paint it with some black chalk board paint? 

It is a blessing for those who are artistic and like to express oneself through drawing…not just for children but for anyone. 

A dynamic wall like a chalkboard can be used anywhere really, in particular the kitchen, the office, a playroom or a bedroom. 

Make your wall functional! Chalkboard walls are a great use of space rather than a blank boring wall. It is a fun activity for the kids to get involved, providing your room with colour and pattern without any fuss. 

In the kitchen, the chalkboard is the perfect place to write shopping lists, dinners for the week, menu for dinner guests, family activity schedule, recipes, inspirational quotes, summer lists and to do’s.  

Even hang racks and shelves off the chalkboard wall in the kitchen, to use the space even more effectively!

In the office, to do lists, work schedule, emails, contact numbers and a calendar will keep you reminded and on top of things. 

Behind your bed, why not paint the wall with chalk, giving a beautiful black and romantic backdrop, allowing you to decorate it with words, drawings and colour when you wish. You can even attach clips to the chalkboard wall and hang things off it too. 

Be sure to keep a variety of coloured chalk and erasers nearby when inspiration strikes and you quickly need to jot something down. 

This sophisticated look is playful and invites clever artwork and beautiful messages everyone will be proud of in your home. 

Chalboard paint is available at Bunnings Warhouse here.