Lifestyle changes you need to make at home

8 years ago
3 minutes

We all do things that we know we shouldn't do. We also don't do things that we know we should do - so here are five home habits that a lot of people need to break.


1)         Wash your sheets and pillow-cases

This one is a must – and generally it is the men that don’t adhere to this. For all those bachelors out there, your sheets will ‘need some cleaning’ – no matter how clean you think you are. Sheets become a playground for bacteria caused from sweat, clothes, feet, and dirt that is built up throughout the day, so cleaning them weekly will keep your room clean, and your body even cleaner.

Pillow-cases need not be neglected either, as by washing (and changing) your pillow cases will result in clearer skin and cleaner hair.

If you have the time to have a quick 30-second shower before bed each night, you will notice that your sheets will undoubtedly require less cleaning and attention.


2)         Open the blinds and curtains

You should open your blinds and curtains in your home at least once during the day – especially the bedroom.

By allowing sunlight to filter into your room, there are findings that sunlight can deter certain bugs and bacteria from staying in your room. On top of that, a room is far more presentable when you come back home and the sunset is beaming through your windows.


3)         Make your bed

Haven’t your mum’s words sunk in yet? Make your bed. Your room will look larger, cleaner and more welcoming if you present it in a nice way, and the first thing people see is your bed.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, setting up a routine of making your bed before you leave for work will make coming home to that space all the more enjoyable. And yes, of course, on Sundays you don’t have to make your bed!


4)         Sleeping with technology

Do you fall asleep with the TV on, or with your mobile phone next to your pillow? If so, stop it, stop it immediately. Cellphones and televisions emit electromagnetic radiation, and whilst it is tolerable at a moderate rate, having a mobile phone, specifically a smart phone, next to your head all night isn’t healthy at all.

Whilst you may not be using your phone, the phone itself is still active, pushing signals out, and reeling signals in. The same goes for those television watchers. If you find going to sleep with Netflix on is soothing, then set a TV timer for an hour, so that the television at least turns off only half an hour or an hour after you fall asleep.


5)         Clean your bathrooms more than you clean the rest of your home.

Bathrooms, whilst riddled with cleaning products, is a haven for bacteria. Bathroom floors are covered in germs, and require at least one soak and mop a week.

This includes shower floors and shower screens. Wet and moist areas are more susceptible to mold and fungus, which can start from Tinea to the spooky ‘black mold’. Point of the story? Clean it.