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9 years ago
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Apartment living calls for smart sofa design

When considering the layout of your living area, start with the sofa.  It’s the central part of a living space and can set the style of a room and determine how we live, relax and entertain.  

The King Furniture Uno is a small sofa full of big surprises.  It’s easily transformed into a number of configurations with vertical or recline positions to accommodate daytime loungers and overnight guests. The arms and backs are simply changed into sofa extensions, creating a very comfortable bed. Elegant, angled timber legs give Uno a light, retro look to add personality to any space while maintaining airiness in the room. Keeping precious floor space free, Uno also includes an optional side table which slots into your preferred side of the sofa to rest your tea, book or iPad.  All this is made possible because of the strength of the King Furniture engineered steel frame and Postureflex Seating System. 

Looking for more storage? There is nothing more frustrating than storing everyday necessities in hard to reach places.  A cosy blanket, cushions, toys and even the ironing board are neatly and invisibly accommodated in the large capacity Delta Storage sofa, ready to use and then stow away.  It keeps small spaces tidy, practical and beautiful with its clever and contemporary design.   The storage spaces are also ventilated to allow air to circulate keeping linen fresh. The same sort of pneumatics used to open car hatchbacks are used to access the Delta Storage space, needing just a single-handed lift to the sofa seat cushions.

When seeking solutions to space and storage limitations often associated with apartment living, consider the value of modular designed furniture. One beautiful and practical item could be all that’s needed to make life easy and enjoyable. 

By Roberta Marcoft from Write Away.

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