Luxe apartment amenities of 2018

5 years ago
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2018 has seen the bar lifted yet again for apartment building amenities in Australia. From hotel-quality concierge services to spaces that exercise your mind as much as your body, let’s review the state of play for luxe-level apartment amenities.


During 2018 we saw even more multi-residential projects than ever adding a Concierge to their offering, particularly in CBD projects.

These days most buildings that contain large numbers of apartments are able to factor the cost of a Concierge into their ongoing fees at a relatively minimal cost to each individual owner.

Of course, having someone sitting at the front desk 24/7 provides a great sense of security for residents. But they also provide more practical benefits, such as receiving deliveries when residents aren’t at home, arranging laundry or cleaning services, and dog walking.

article-imageMelbourne Quarter

Hotel-style amenities

Tapping into the concierge facilities for parcels and such is one thing, but how about calling down for room service like you would in a hotel room? This is increasingly becoming an added benefit of large-scale mixed-use projects.

Creating a project that combines residential properties with a hotel means a developer can offset some of the initial investment risk in the project by effectively pre-selling a large portion of the building. But the plus side for apartment owners can be the ability to treat some of those hotel services as their own.

Services we’ve seen include apartment cleaning and in-room dining — surely the icing on the cake that can also include spa treatments, function rooms and climate-controlled wine storage. There are even amenity apps that let you view the front entrance security camera remotely from your phone, allowing you to let a friend into the lobby to wait for you even if you aren’t at home.

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Having a gym in your building is great. It makes it easier for you to keep your fitness plans on track without having to detour on the way home. But during 2018 we saw an increase in the number of apartment developments also including wellness spaces in their plans.

It’s now an acknowledged fact that living in and around our increasingly busy cities has changed what we need from our homes. Life can be stressful and there’s more than one way to deal with that stress. Developers are now including things like yoga studios and calm meditation rooms, saunas, and day spas. All of these can add a very special kind of luxury to a project – luxury for the mind, body and soul.

article-imageThe Evermore

Rooftop havens

We’ve seen all kinds of wonderful landscaping included in residents-only rooftops this year. They’re a great use of the space and provide residents with an escape and a connection with nature without having to leave the building.

Popular inclusions in 2018 have been swimming and lounge pools, bbq facilities, open-air cinema screens and of course an array of designs for both communal and secluded seating areas, so residents can entertain guests or hide away with a good book.

article-imageDiscovery Point

Private dining room

Occasionally, you might want to entertain more people than will fit inside your apartment, even if it’s a spacious 3-bedder. That’s why more projects are including a private dining room in their plans, for residents to book and use for parties and celebrations.

The benefits include a larger dining table to fit all of your guests, a well-equipped kitchen for your hired chef (or yourself, if you’re keeping it simple) and the peace of mind that your place won’t get trashed.

The other plus is that most shared dining spaces are located high up in the building, giving you much more expansive views than your own apartment might have lower down. It all adds to a great sense of occasion.

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