Make your rental feel like home — decor that moves with you

4 years ago
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As a renter, it can be tricky to know how to make changes to your space in order for it to feel like your own, while still ensuring you get your bond back at the end of the lease. 

To help navigate the minefield of appropriate rental decorating, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips and ideas for making your rental feel like home with decor that moves with you. 

Update old curtains and fixtures

Curtains and fixtures are a great place to start when freshening up your rented home. Most of the time these items can be removed without causing any damage, stored and returned to their position when the lease finishes.

New window dressings can do wonders for a tired looking room, and it is often as simple as changing the curtains on the existing curtain rod. 

Fixtures such as kitchen and bathroom cupboard hardware and handles can also be easily changed to suit your personal style. These items tend to be very affordable and can do wonders when re-styling your space. 



Incorporate your own art

The invention of strong, damage free removable hooks brought with it the ability for renters to inject their own personal style into their homes with art and wall hangings. Check out our renter-friendly guide to decorating with art for some great tips and ideas. 


Rugs, rugs, rugs

Floor coverings can be the most difficult area of your rental home to personalise or update, particularly in older properties. Rugs are an amazing way to breathe new life into a room, or to hide a multitude of flooring related sins. 

Rugs are another item that don’t have to cost an excessive amount of money and can help express personal style while easily moving with you. 



Plants are your friend

Indoor plants can change the way a home looks and feels, and can be introduced into almost any space. 

Selecting stylish pots and planters can complement your style and help create design continuity throughout the house. Indoor plants have also been reported to reduce stress levels, increase productivity and improve concentration, making them a worthwhile design and wellbeing contribution to your home.

Creating an edible garden is also a wonderful way to connect you to your rented space. Click here to find out how to create a renter-friendly and apartment-friendly garden. 



BYO Storage 

Having enough storage is often an issue in rentals, as you do not have much choice when it comes to built in cabinetry. Thankfully, there are many freestanding, portable options that can not only create more storage, but also assist in personalising your space.

Adding a rolling island bench is a great way to create extra bench space in the kitchen while also helping you make the space your own. 



Mood Lighting 

Lighting is another major factor that we have little control over while renting, so adding lamps or changing light fittings (as long as no damage is caused) is a great way to try and improve the brightness and mood in your rental house. 

Plug-in wall sconces, and plug-in dimmer switches are a simple way to customise your lighting, and products such as these have the extra benefit of being totally portable and easy to use.  



Invest in good furniture and accessories

By investing in good furniture you can ensure that you will always be able to create a space that you feel proud of. While renting restricts your ability to paint, add wallpaper and other such personal touches, great accessories can really help tie a room together and make it feel like home. 

Selecting thoughtfully chosen furniture and accessories that can move with you is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to make your rental feel like home. 



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