Making Sad Walls Happy

9 years ago
2 minutes

An Australian business is making a splash in the world of art - supplying limited edition paintings (actual paintings) for the price you’d pay for a re-print.

Canvas & Canvas, which launched in 2012, is a boutique online art gallery that specialises in original artworks that are hand-painted by their Canvas & Canvas team of artists.

What separates Canvas & Canvas from the pack, is not that they supply hand-painted works, but rather that they are totally customisable - Canvas & Canvas must surely believe in making the buyer happy with their purchase before they buy it.

Nick Peters, one of the founders of Canvas & Canvas, insists that there is nothing wrong with try-before-you-buy. 

“We always encourage our clients to try before they buy. By using our free Happy Wall app. the customer can see the artwork on their own wall before purchasing it! This is key to making sure you are buying the right artwork."

When purchasing an artwork from Canvas & Canvas, you can use their ‘hue sliders’ to adjust the colours of the limited edition artwork you see - combining colour combinations to fit your current decor. And once you’ve decided on the colour, you can test it against your current wall with their app - be sure to try it here, it really is cool.

“Being able to customise the artwork colours also to suit the buyers interiors give that extra customising avenue for each client,” continued Peters. 

With each painting limited to just 99 - each artwork will be individual and have its own soul.

“Each design is limited edition to 99. Each artwork is going to be slightly different as they are hand painted but will have the same texture and effect you see online. Our artists do a fantastic job at replicating the artwork, and our client are always satisfied with the end result.”

See Canvas & Canvas online at www.canvasandcanvas.com.au, download the app for iPhone or iPad here, or go to their pop-up gallery on 239 High St, Prahran before it closes on Friday 27 February.