Manhattan's Food Queen's Living

9 years ago
1 minutes

Georgette Farkas, the woman behind Rotisserie Georgette in New York, has an apartment and it is as high-class and luxurious as her restaurant.

Rotisserie Georgette is one of Upper Manhattan's most notable restaurants, attracting crowds from overseas, celebrities and politicians.

"My inspiration was places I grew up in as a child and places where I have lived in France, yet I think my own whimsical and personal mix makes the place feel very New York," Farkas said.

"I started by taking advantage of height and proportion, adding floor-to-ceiling bookcases on either side of the fireplace. With the crown moldings around them, the shelves and cabinets appear to be part of what has always been here. My friend Patrick Bancel, a very talented trompe l’oeil painter, helped me choose the layers of crown moldings and then painted them in three different shades of pale blue with very faint gold accents. So while it sounds complex, the effect is delicate. Next came the wall color, a very soft robin’s egg blue," she told the Observer.

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