Maximising Your Bathroom

8 years ago
4 minutes

Any city dweller understands the lack of square metres of living space you will acquire for your money within the current property market. With a plethora of apartments for sale nationwide, the question is often asked, how do you make a small space livable that you’ve just purchased with your life savings? If the idea of downsizing your bed to a single or selling all your beloved furniture is not appealing, it is important to learn to use a small space to your advantage.

Commencing this discussion by initially looking at small bathroom spaces, Ari Zorlu, director of Paco Jaanson Australia, with 15 years experience in the bath wares industry, will endeavor to assist you with must-have designing tips for small bathrooms and specify pieces that will these benefit these spaces. In his words, “One perfect fitting can transform the ordinary into a private sanctuary.”


Having a bathtub is by no means a necessity, especially when you have a small bathroom, but if having a tranquil bath is what you crave from time to time when you want that a minute (hour) of relaxation, than the Rexa Unico Egg bathtub will be your haven. “The Unico bath is designed wisely for maximized relaxation, with the different incline grades on both sides of the bath, it provides comfort both seated and lying down, this bath is designed to counteract the chaos of everyday and be a place of total relaxation,” Mr Zorlu explains. The Rexa Unico Egg bathtub also has an integrated shelf attached to make the loss of floor space worthwhile. Use the shelf for towels, bath products and accessories, wine or your favourite book.


The modern bathroom represents a clean, uncluttered look, and a minimal, simply structured showerhead such as Paco Jaansons rectangular showerhead opens up the bathroom layout and design. “Many homeowners consider the shower most important facet in the bathroom. They are a vital for customers who are considering a mini-makeover in their bathrooms to bring out that R&R aspect,” Mr Zorlu said. The rectangular showerhead is not only powerful and luxurious, but is ideal for simplicity and the conservation of space within the bathroom landscape. (The Neuva Europa Bath (1500mm with anti-slip) can be positioned under the rectangular showerhead for a bath/shower combo.)


Not only a functional addition to the bathroom, but also adding glamour and light to a small bathroom, a large mirror will make the space seem much larger than it is. “The Alumni Atrezzo not only provides a large mirror but also contributes floor to ceiling storage, beneficial for a small space,” says Mr Zorlu. The framing of the mirror and shelves is simplistic and adds a modern edge, and is the perfect home to products within arm reach due to its height.

Floating vanities:

Floating vanities, such as the Signature Buddy vanity, combine a modern feel, simple design and assist a small space to appear less cluttered. The clean white porcelain adds to the simplicity as often, busy patterns can overpower, and appear to shrink already compact spaces. The two small basins in close vicinity, is a smart use of space for when there is numerous people living in the apartment, as it allows for more than one person to use the space at a time (especially during those early mornings before work when there’s always a battle for the bathroom).

Downsize the toilet:

Not only do new toilets use less water, meaning they boast an eco-friendly element, but the latest styles are often created in compact designs. The Kerasan K09 range, which includes washbasin, toilet suite and bidet, was specifically created with small apartments in mind. Simple in design and classic in appearance the quality product collection is manufactured in Viterous-china and focuses on shallow depths, rounded profiles and thin edges. 

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