Meixi Development China

9 years ago
1 minutes

One of the world's largest developments, to be built around the Meixi Lake in China, is due to change the concept of urban living and planning for the future.

This $7bn mega-city development is planned to house over 180,000 people, covering over 6.5m square metres, this new mega-development is located West of Changsha City in the Hunan Province.

Originally approved by the Government of the People's Republic Of China in 2012, it has taken years for architectural plans, renderings and concepts to form. Architects employed to design the city are Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) Architects based out of New York. KPF are architects, designers and master-planners, with the ability and strength to be able to design such an enormous project.

The Meixi Lake, which is initially measured at 40 hectares, will act like a central compass for the city, much like New York's Central Park.


Bridges designed by NEXT Architecture, which will cross the lake, will act as the main means for transport across the city's landscape. Canals running from the lake into the city will also be prevalent much like those in NEXT Architecture's home city, Amsterdam. The main bridge, which will feature as an artpiece, will span nearly 150m in length, 25m in height, and is due to resemble a moebius strip and a Chinese folk art knot.

The city itself will be extremely environmentally conscious, have a highly efficient transport network and system in place, with reducing pollution and energy use the primary concern.

This is one of the many enviro-cities that are appearing across the world.