Melbourne Apartment designed like a gallery

7 years ago
1 minutes

We’ve met a few minimalist people in our time. You know the type — hardly anything in their home, but everything has to be perfectly positioned, everything spotless. One client in Melbourne took this to an extreme when they asked their architect to design their home to be as perfect as a gallery.


The apartment, in the western Melbourne suburb of Footscray, was recently renovated by local architects BoardGrove, and the results look so perfect, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were artist’s renders.

Featuring perfectly white walls, clean lines and completely lacking in an decorative detail aside from pale pink concrete here and there, BoardGrove describe the home as having ‘no personality or character.’ Normally, you’d be forgiven for thinking that was a negative, but it’s precisely the effect this particular client was aiming for.


Each piece of furniture seems as though it’s a work of art on display. Objects are carefully positioned and kept to a minimum. The kitchen, in fact, has not one single appliance on show, with everything kept hidden away in drawers. BoardGrove call it an ‘ambiguous cooking area.’

BoardGrove haven’t been around for long, only forming in early 2016. But this particular project has garnered attention due to its sparse nature and, we’re quite sure, its serene, photogenic perfection that has seen it feature on design blogs.

Could we live in this apartment? Sure. Would it stay looking this perfect if we did? Probably not. But then, it wasn’t designed for us.

source: dezeen