Melbourne’s most beautiful residential swimming pools

2 years ago
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Luxury features and amenities have become highly sought after by many Melbourne buyers. With expert architects at the helm of many upcoming projects, off-the-plan apartment developments boast some of the most beautiful residential swimming pools in Melbourne. 

Melbourne’s only sky pool 

Hawthorn Park features Melbourne's only Sky Pool as well as garden lounges and rooftop entertaining areas. 

Hawthorn Park, which has recently completed construction, is home to Melbourne’s only sky pool. The world’s first sky pool was unveiled in London in early 2021, with each end of the pool appearing as a traditional pool and the middle section seamingly suspended in the air. 

Hawthorn Park’s sky pool provides residents with an experience like no other in Melbourne. With views of the beautiful greenery that the Eastern suburbs are known for as well as Melbourne’s city-skyline, you’ll find it hard to pull yourself away from this luxury rooftop pool. And that’s not even taking into account the magic experience of feeling like you’re floating several stories above ground. This groundbreaking pool will enhance your life in ways you never imagined. 

Infinity pools with premium views

The Docklands is a unique mixed-use development offering timeless luxury living, inspired by the city's love for entertaining and appreciation for smart design. 

Everyone loves an infinity pool. With the rise in popularity of infinity pools in resorts and residences around the world, including the likes of the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, it’s no wonder Melbourne developments are featuring them as part of their luxury amenities. 

The Docklands is a limited collection of generously sized, one, two and three-bedroom residences that are situated above the Marriott Hotel. This location means that residents will enjoy all the perks of 5-star living. This includes access to the first open-air rooftop infinity pool in Melbourne, where residents will experience sweeping views of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. 

Idyllic pools with a focus on wellness

YarraBend - Masonry House promises a lifestyle brimming with convenience, culture, and community. 

Wellness is something that people are increasingly integrating into their daily routines in order to live happier and healthier lives. New developments like YarraBend - Masonry House have embraced this by integrating a wellness centre that includes an idyllic pool. 

This aquatic escape features an open roof with natural light that balances light and shade throughout the day to ensure that residents enjoy the space’s tranquility. 

Melbourne is truly home to some of the nation’s most beautiful swimming pools. To search for more Melbourne listings, click here

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Header image courtesy of The Docklands.