Mini makeovers on a budget

8 years ago
2 minutes

One day, it just hits you.

You walk in to your apartment after a long day at work and you realise everything just looks tired, and well, drab.

While the ideal solution would be to hire an interior decorator to overhaul the place, your bank balance simply couldn’t allow it.

The good news is that it is possible to undertake a mini-makeover without breaking the budget - all you have to do is follow these easy and inexpensive tips.

1) Move the furniture around

The cheapest and most effective tip on the list when you need to spruce things up. If your space allows it, shift the couch to a different position, move your television to another wall, and if possible, why not swap the lounge and dining area? As for the bedroom, try facing the bed at another angle or up against the wall.  It can really mix up the energy of a room, and you’ll be surprised how different the place feels and looks just by moving the furniture to new positions.

2) Cushions

Whether they’re patterned, big, small, textured or plain, throw cushions are all the rage these days and with good reason. They look fantastic scattered along a couch. Try buying a few bold coloured cushions to liven up the living room and break up the muted colour palette of greys, black and white. Try different shapes too - think outside the square. As there are so many options these days, you can decorate according to your tastes without spending a bomb. Country Road has some great options at the moment, as does Etsy.


Image source: Etsy

3) Flowers

There’s nothing quite like a big bunch of flowers on a dining room table to brighten up the room. Head to the market for a great selection, and the best bit is, you can spend as much or as little as you like. To make sure you get your money’s worth, speak to the florist about the longest lasting flowers and always pick blooms that haven’t yet opened.


4) Ornaments

Home ware stores have so many great pieces to decorate homes these days. Get your hands on a few candles, some decorative ornaments like a rose gold elephant or an intricate fruit bowl, and place accordingly. All you need sometimes is a few standout pieces to change your whole perspective.


Image Source: Target

5) Photos frames

Select a number of your favourite photographs with family, friends and pets. Print them out. Pop them in frames. Scatter them around the house or hang on the wall. It’s that simple. You’ll be surprised how the addition of a few homely and sentimental touches will change the overall look.


Image source: Etsy