The Most Amazing Mattress Around

8 years ago
2 minutes

Beds come in all shapes, sizes, designs and capabilities.

According to an investigation conducted by IKEA last year, Australia is a sleep-deprived nation.

And with lots of couples complaining about a lack of sleep, it can sometimes be caused by a restless sleep-partner.

So do you have a partner who keeps you up at night, but you don’t want to exchange that partner for a new one? Well, thankfully there is a solution.

Launched just last week by a Sydney startup called Koala, the startup is already on track to deliver $5million in revenue in just a few months.

So what does Koala do?

Well Koala have invented a world-first technology where a restless partner will disturb your sleep no more.

The Koala zero-disturbance technology means that you could be fast asleep on your side of the bed, and your partner would be jumping up and down on the other side, and you won’t feel a thing.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.



What is also very cool, is that this Sydney startup will have your mattress delivered to you within 4 HOURS (!!!), and the price is extremely competitive. 

  • Single:            $650
  • King Single:    $750
  • Queen:           $950
  • King:               $1,050
  • Koala King:     $1,150 (extra 10cm in length)

Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

The luxury and support of the Koala Mattress begins with the K-4 Koala comfort layer. This is unique to our brand, that can’t be found in any other mattress. 

The K-4 Koala comfort layer combines comforting pressure relief, support to the contours of your body, and outstanding breathability. 

Providing you with an uninterrupted sleep every night, is the patent pending zero disturbance technology built into the K-4 Koala comfort layer.

The Koala Mattress has a specifically designed pressure relief Hybrid layer. Our Hybrid Layer helps to give the Koala Mattress its pressure relieving properties, bounce back and drastically improves overall comfortability.

Our bodies naturally crave support and appreciate comfort. The strength and durability of the Koala’s lively, supportive base layer provides overall support to sleepers of all sizes. The base layer works to repel your body vertically, creating a mattress that is responsive and full of life night after night. You’ll always feel supported and comfortable sleeping on your Koala.