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Moving into an apartment with a balcony or terrace may mean giving up a traditional backyard, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing your trees and plants. Most off-the-plan apartments and townhomes feature spacious balconies or terraces that provide the perfect space for growing your very own urban jungle.  Trees are an excellent way to brighten up a balcony and inject fresh life into your city home. As growing trees and plants become an increasingly popular hobby, the perfect leafy balcony is a must-have accessory for city-dwellers. 

Olive trees 

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Olive trees grow well in pots, often enjoying the extra drainage, and are adaptable to most climates including droughts and heat. They are best suited to be grown in spring after the frosty winter weather has passed. Olive trees love the sun, so be sure to place yours in a sunny spot and water well once a week. Along with olives, olive trees produce beautiful silvery-green leaves that add a sense of serenity and sophistication to any balcony. 


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Ficus trees thrive in humid conditions, feeling most at home when humidity is between 50 and 70 percent. If you are living in a tropical, humid climate then this is the ideal tree to spruce up your balcony. There are many varieties of ficus, so you can easily choose a plant that is suitable to the unique size and shape of your balcony. 

Japanese maple

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Japanese maples are colourful trees, often appearing red or green in colour. These diverse trees can usually be planted at any time of year, although by planting them in autumn you’ll get to see the magnificent autumnal red and orange colour of the leaves. In cooler climates, these trees do well in full sun. In warmer climates, it’s best to place your Japanese maple in an area that shades it from the afternoon sun.  

Kumquat tree

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The kumquat tree is one of the most beautiful and easy-to-grow citrus trees, with glossy dark green leaves that add a pop of colour and vibrancy to urban balconies. These trees produce a bright orange fruit which is typically tart and sweet. Kumquat trees are native to eastern Asia, and because they’re typically fairly small they are the perfect balcony tree. 


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Camellias are sometimes known as the Queen of Winter, because of the beautiful blooms that appear from the autumn months until spring. The pink flowers are perfect for breaking up the greenery of other balcony trees. 

Camellias grow best in the shade where they have protection from harsh sun. You’ll need to water your camellias regularly, and make sure the root system is covered with a layer of organic matter. These beautiful flowers also need to be fertilised regularly so they can bloom throughout winter. 

Adding trees and greenery to a balcony is a simple, environmentally-friendly and effective way to inject vibrancy and colour into day-to-day living. 

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