New Years Eve In An Apartment

8 years ago
3 minutes

Thinking of throwing a NYE party at your apartment this year, but are worried about the expectations, the cost, the limited space and the noise complaints?

New Years Eve is not a date to stress about, it's a time to celebrate with those around you. And what's better is that you can be the one to make it a night to remember in your own home - all you have to do is be organised and plan in advance...

As the host, welcome 2016 with style and fun in your own apartment.

The atmosphere of your home has to be one that will encourage your guests to have a good time and one where they will make lots of memories. 

Decorating is everything. Lighting, candles, hanging decorations, lanterns, fairy lights, sparkles, glitter…you want to go all out, seeing as it is the end of another fabulous year, and the beginning of a new one. But be careful…you don't want it looking chaotic and messy, you have to be strategic; simple decorations that look fabulous.

When it comes to food, keep presentation classy.

Beautiful platters of fruit, cheese and dips, save the mini pizzas or later in the night. Jars of lollies and chocolates are also a great decoration for around the apartment. Provide some champagne and punch for your guests, even paint the champagne bottles with gold glitter to add to your fancy apartment look. Invest in some drink dispensers for the punch and a mocktail, add fruit for flavour and colour to the look of your home.

Lighting adds to the mood of your party. Dim the lights slightly, even with some colourful bulbs, to add to the thrill of the new year. Have some candles lit around the room for a festive atmosphere (in safe places that won’t cause a fire). 

Music can make or break a party, so make sure your playlist is up to scratch to set the scene and establish a good vibe for the party you are hosting. Include some classics for a sing along to play as the clock approaches midnight.

Be sure to give your neighbours some notice in advance so they are aware you are hosting a NYE celebration.

Keep the guest list small.

You want a nice intimate party at home, so that you can enjoy the company of each and every person around you. Moreover, this is more beneficial for you, to avoid noise complaints and a big mess, as well as being more spacious in your apartment. 

Have a few bowls of fun decorations around the house; an assortment of items like party hats and party blowers so that guests can help themselves for a good time. 

Get organised and host New Years Eve this year in your apartment. Make it a night to remember.