Nurseries and apartment living

8 years ago
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It’s an exciting time welcoming a new family member to the brood. For many of us who love decorating new spaces, transforming the second bedroom into a nursery can be an enriching experience. However if you’re wishing your apartment had a little more square metres than you currently have, don’t despair, it’s not how much space you have but how you use it. Below, we’ve listed five space hacks that will help you utilise every inch.

1. Hidden storage is key

When space is limited, it’s important to utilise every nook and cranny. More often than not, the space under a baby’s cot is free, so why not store the baby’s nappies/wipes/supplies in a tub. A cheap and effective way to fit in as much as possible in to a small space.


Image source: The Lovely Lark

2. Two-in-one

It’s important to get extra mileage out of every aspect in the room. That’s why using the set of drawers as a change table is a genius way to save space and cash as well. All you need is a four-sided changing mat on top for bub’s safety and comfort and you’re good to go.

3. Armchair

Okay, so it might be hard to find a small arm chair. And if it’s your first child, chances are everyone around you has warned about the long nights with a lack-of-sleep. Well, the reality is they’re probably right. That’s why when it’s 3am, and you’ve staggered in to a crying baby, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to sit and feed. So don’t skimp on this aspect, make sure you pick one that has a high head rest to support your back and comfortable arm rests. Considering it will take up a bit of room, why not make the chair the statement piece? A bold hue will brighten up the entire nursery. 


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4. Don’t forget the door

Too often, the back of the door is forgotten. So our tip is to purchase a over-the-door shoe organiser, hang it on the back, and use the different pockets for products/toys.The idea is to make the space work for you.

5. Wardrobes

Most of the time, built-in wardrobes come with one rod to hang up clothes. Try installing a second rod underneath the original one to double the amount of available space. A simple, cheap and practical tip.