Organising your kitchen cupboards

2 years ago
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Now that we’ve got the pantry under control, let’s tackle the kitchen cupboards! The cupboards aren’t on our regular list of household chores - mostly because it feels a little daunting - but considering most of us have a little extra time on our hands these days, why not now? 

As usual, the first step is to unpack and take inventory of what you have. We’ll be dealing with bigger and more fragile items so it’s best to designate a spot (like the dining table) to put them all on. While you’re emptying your cupboards, take note of any items you haven’t been using and consider donating them - there’s no point wasting valuable cupboard space on things you don’t actually use. 

Wipe down the empty cupboards, doors and disinfect the handles. Now we can get started on organising.

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If you have deep drawers, invest in drawer inserts that will help keep items in place and easy to find. For kitchens with glass-front cupboards or open shelving, treat them as you would a display unit. Select your best items, like a beautiful decanter set or a gorgeous cast iron pot, and store them there. You can also colour coordinate the items to complement the rest of your kitchen decor. 

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For baking trays, cake tins or serving platters, store them vertically rather than the more traditional method of stacking them. A tension rod is a cheap solution and can easily be adjusted to the height of your cupboard. Shelf raisers will do wonders for dinner plates by maximising your vertical space without putting safety at risk. 

Store your appliances with their attachments to avoid turning your cupboards upside down when it comes time to cook. Mixer attachments can take up a lot of space unless stored correctly - pop everything inside the mixing bowl!

Don’t overcrowd your storage space. If you’re low on space, think outside the box and reconsider if certain items have to be stored in your cupboard. A trolley is a great way to organise items by need - if you designate a trolley for all your bakeware, all you’ll have to do to roll it out and you’ll be ready to bake up a storm. 

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Similarly, you can also display wooden chopping boards and your expensive frying pans on hooks to create a homely atmosphere. Speaking of hooks, they also make great storage solutions for mugs which are always extra precarious to stack. 

And there we go - streamlined kitchen cupboards! We’ve certainly earned a night of Netflix binging. 

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