Our top 5 property New Year's resolutions for a more sustainable life

4 years ago
3 minutes

Nothing beats a good New Year's resolution to help you welcome in a new year with a fresh, positive outlook. We've complied our top 5 property resolutions to make sure 2020 is your best year yet!

Declutter and donate

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to finally get around to decluttering your home, as many of us will have a bit of extra time up our sleeves before returning to work after the break. 

Decluttering does not have to be a daunting task – take it item by item, room by room. 

Now is the perfect time to assess whether or not you still need certain items of furniture, as IKEA has launched a buyback scheme nation-wide, allowing you to return in-good-condition IKEA furniture in exchange for a voucher! A great initiative for the sustainably minded customer. 

This will also be a fantastic opportunity to donate items to charity, or to help bushfire victims who have lost their homes and been displayed over Christmas and New Year’s. 


Purchase quality items 

It may be tempting to purchase low-budget items – particularly cheap items that you don’t really need in the post-Christmas sales – but it is important to consider how much use you will actually get out of an item of furniture or homeware before it gets worn out or broken.

By making considered, conscious purchases of quality items you can ensure that the cost-per-use will be far less than that of a lower quality purchase that is more likely to break sooner. 

You might be lucky enough to be gifted some high-quality furniture with the Westerfolds Collection – the next 3 purchasers of one of their stunning residences will receive a Coco Republic Furniture Package!

Investing in good furniture and homeware accessories will mean you will always be able to create a space that you feel proud of in 2020.


Purchase an off the plan apartment in a sustainable development

Forward thinking property developers are becoming increasingly focused on the sustainability and environmental impact of their projects, which means that there are a number of opportunities around the country to make a conscious, sustainable home purchase. 

Two Eleven Sydney Road is a collection of residences in Brunswick, Melbourne which has been designed with a focus on holistic, sustainable living and well-considered, thoughtful design.

Arkadia Alexandria offers you the opportunity to live your very best social, sustainable and practical life in Alexandria, just 20 minutes south of the Sydney CBD.

Magnoli Apartments give you the opportunity to do the environment a favour and leave the car at home, thanks to its incredibly well-connected location in Palm Beach on the beautiful southern Gold Coast.  

The stunning view from Magnoli Apartments 


Create an edible garden 

Being able to grow some of your food at home is a great place to start on your journey to a more conscious, sustainable way of life. 

You don’t need a large outdoor space in order to create an edible garden, and apartment permaculture is becoming extremely popular amongst those who want to incorporate some homegrown goodness into their lives this year.

Check out our top tips for creating an edible garden. 



Cut energy and water usage

Cutting back on your water usage is a great way to reduce your household’s impact on the environment, as well as decreases your water and energy bills. 

The shower is usually the largest source of water use, so switching your existing shower head out for a water efficient option is a great place to start. 

Being mindful of your water consumption is paramount during everyday tasks such as brushing your teeth and doing the dishes – every little bit counts! 


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