Our top picks for Melbourne Design Week

5 years ago
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Architecture and design have the power to make or break the way you feel about where you live, work and play so it should come as no surprise Australia is celebrating these two concepts in its unofficial design capital, Melbourne.

Melbourne Design Week is curated by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and will run for 10 days from the 14th until the 24th of March. This year, the event has expanded to include the southern Victorian town of Geelong — recently appointed a UNESCO City of Design.

When speaking to Vogue, senior curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the NGV Ewan McEoin said the event is aimed at creating a connection between design and architecture, and the broader community. Why? Because, as Mr McEoin said himself, “there are many positive ways in which design has been put to work to create economic, social and cultural opportunities in Melbourne.”

There’s a broad range of events and exhibitions to see, and here are our top picks.

Somewhere Other by John Wardle Architects


The installation invites audience members to experience each of the five ‘portals’ housed within a timber and steel structure. Each ‘portal’ showcases a different media, whether a film work or photography or render which plays with the idea of architectural space and perception.

Brave Street at Testing Grounds

If you’re looking for a free event to attend, it’s worth checking out Brave Street. The exhibition at Testing Grounds in Southbank is a neighbourhood study exploring the relationship between design and architecture and the kinds of urban activation that developers like Central Equity set out to achieve in its mixed-use projects such as Melbourne Grand.

Future Acts: Housing, Gentrification and Aesthetics

Another free event at Testing Grounds, Future Acts: Housing, Gentrification and Aesthetics is a series of conversations investigating the design of settlements and property. The discussion revolves around the role of the designer and the impact the design team can have on Australia’s urban development and the future of our residential housing.

Blurring the line between art and design

This event gives you a chance to see interior designer Kate Challis’ latest project in Melbourne’s Fitzroy. Join Challis, artist Valerie Sparks and lighting designer Christopher Boots as they discuss the joys of collaboration and experimenting with innovative design approaches — and finish the session with a personal tour of the Gertrude Street Project.

Nature, design and us

Head down to Geelong to join in the day-long Nature, design and us. The event includes workshops, indoor and outdoor installations, talks and panel discussions surrounding the design possibilities of connecting to nature.

Be sure to check out the guide or book in to see a session, discussion or seminar on the exciting new things happening in the architect and design spheres. 

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Source: Vogue Australia