Parisian Skyscraper

8 years ago
1 minutes

It’s been three months since I was in Paris. A city refined in elegance, but conservative in progression - it has been the City of Love’s hesitancy to build Paris vertically, which has preserved their history despite wars and decades of change.

Today, however, Parisian City Council has approved a skyscraper that is due to stand at around 180 metres tall, featuring a 120-room hotel and 70,000sqm of allotted office-space. 

Named, the Tour Triangle, the approval has been received with outrage and disgust by Parisians. The city, which, in most Parisian quarters, are old, terraced apartments, most of which are renovated inside, but the facade is strictly maintained.

Costing around $720m, and having been previously rejected in November 2014, the Herzog & de Meuron designed tower resembles a pyramid and will be considered an eyesore, much like the 210 metre Tour Montparnasse first, and last skyscraper built in Paris in 1973. 

Tour Triangle, which will be located in Porte de Versailles, has been completely rejected by those living in the 15th arrondissement, with politicians also making their protests heard. 


The tower is due to be completed by 2018 - if it doesn’t get torn apart and burnt by then…