Perfect the art of garden lighting

5 years ago
2 minutes

Solar-powered spike lights

These are arguably the easiest and lowest maintenance type of outdoor lighting you can find. The light is mounted on the top of a short spike, which you can push into the soil of your garden bed.

You can buy battery operated models, but we recommend these solar powered spike lights from Bunnings. They come in a 10 pack for only $10, and once you install them you won’t have to worry about changing batteries.

Fairy lights

For a great garden party at night, fairy lights are a must and there are so many different kinds to choose from.

If you plan to host a party on your decking, then it’s likely you’ll get some light from the inside of your home. Opt for these fairy lights from Bunnings as additional lighting for dark corners. They use small, warm white LED bulbs which will create the optimal ambience for a cosy party setting.


If you plan to use fairy lights as one of the primary sources of illumination further away from the lights of the house, opt for these festoon party lights. They come with fun multi-coloured LED bulbs, and although a little on the expensive side, they’re highly durable.

Path lights

If all you need to do is light up the path to ensure guests can see where they tread. Instead, use portable lights and place them in prime positions along your garden path.

Stick these battery-operated minilamps on the side of your outdoor steps (if you have them) and on the ground. For a non-traditional approach, we like these LED candles which cast a flickering light, just like a real candle, and will create an ethereal quality in your garden.

Installing outdoor lights in your garden not only creates a great atmosphere for entertaining friends and family, but it also acts as an additional layer of security – illuminating your garden sheds light on any potential intruders.