Perfect timing – find the perfect clock for every room

4 years ago
2 minutes

Sure, we all have the time readily available on the phones in our pockets but a stylish timepiece is an easy way to add colour, texture, and style to any room. Each space in your home has a different purpose, however, and you can use different clocks to suit.


This is where we perform the most time-sensitive tasks so it’s important to install a clock in here. Opt for a classic ‘train station’ type clock — large, easy to read and elegant. It’ll add a vintage touch to your kitchen, plus you won’t have to keep squinting at the time on your microwave oven clock. We like this Central Station Wall clock from Temple & Webster and Oh Clock’s classic Cambridge Station clock.


Living room

Once upon a time, elegant carriage clocks were a standard feature in any living room. Nowadays, we’re seeing a return to minimalism. Clocks without numbers and geometric patterns add a sense of drama. And, as our society becomes more and more aware of how we need stronger connections to nature in our built environments, clocks made out of timber have become popular.



Do you use your phone as your alarm clock? Studies have found that using your phone right before you close your eyes can cause poor sleep. The blue light on your phone’s screen interrupts the way your body processes melatonin (a hormone which induces sleep). Sleep Solutions has an alarm clock which not only wakes you up with gentle music but it also tracks your sleep cycle, body movement, and sleep time so you have more insights into how you can improve your sleep.



Nobody likes to feel rushed when getting ready in the morning but knowing how long you have to go before you need to leave the house can save you a world of drama. BALDR’s LCD display waterproof shower clock has a timer function so you can lather up without worrying about the time. If you don’t like the feeling of the ‘count down’ then you can pick up a regular waterproof clock which you can stick on the wall in your shower.


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